Friday, December 28, 2012

THE proposal

This picture was taken on my break
         It was just a normal day for me, woke up and went to school. Blake came to see me like he always does on my break and the funny thing is that I never once brought up being engaged. Normally, every day, at least once....I would ask Blake "So when are you going to pop the question"? and I would add a little giggle with a smile :) But that day for some reason I didn't ask....Blake said it was because of all his praying that He had been doing lately

I even got to go see him during classes and asked him to tie my shoe a and  I took a picture of him kneeling down  tying my shoe. I took a picture of it and posted it on IG and I remember thinking about making a caption that said " I can't wait until he is kneeling down and proposing" hehe...once again, later when I told blake this he told me that it was only through the power of prayer that I didn't. I even went and got Mcdonalds for lunch that day, I normally bring my lunch from home,but that day I thought to myself "I am going to Mcdonalds and I am getting LARGE everything because Blake is never going to propose and I might as well enjoy eating fattening foods while I can before I have to go dress shopping! Little did I know that that would be my last little Mcdonalds trip ;)

   After school, Blake went to a basketball game to see a guy play that is in our youth group, I normally go everywhere with him but I decided to go return something at Rue21 where I saw two of my friends and I remember me telling them "yeah, I am just waiting on a proposal any day now" Little did I know that that day was happening! So after my little shopping spree, I called Blake and told him I was heading to the game, but he told me that the game should be over soon and that I should just head on to my Mawmaw's house. That night my sister had invited the whole family over to eat at her their new house {she recently just got married}. I didn't think anything of it because my family gets together all the time. My Mawmaw lives right across the street from Lydia and so I went ahead and went over to Mawmaw's house first and snuggled up in my room there and went to sleep. I remember waking up to Blake telling me that Lydia needed help with cooking but I don't think I ever got up.... I was out! Blake later told me that He walked away extremely happy because he knew that I had no idea what was happening because if I did, I would have been primping away by then! I finally woke up and got out of my scrubs from school and took a quick bath. I took off most of my makeup,threw my hair in a bun, and threw on my favorite sweat pants that had "pink" written across the butt and blake's XL tshirt. I remember looking in the mirror and thinking "wow I really look like a bum, everyone is suppose to be there so I better put on a nicer looking shirt", so I threw on this long sleeve fitted tshirt and that just had to do! Blake came in and asked if I was ready and with sleepy eyes I was like "I guess".
  I remember walking across the street and Blake hugging me and telling me how much he loved me dressed all comfy...that that was his favorite. He always says sweet things that melt my heart but little did I know that he was really excited because I still had not figured it out...and I normally figure everything out! It is very hard to keep a secret from me. I walked into the door of my sister's home and my parents are there and I remember hearing my mom and sis say " well aren't you mighty comfy" and I was like's just family! ;) I asked my sister where everyone else was at {everyone wasn't there that she said was supposed to be there} and she said oh some people couldn't make it and I immdeitaly said " what? I could have totally worn my XL tshirt then" mom and sis were thinking please don't! lol I was thirsty so I remember fixing me some ice and pouring some coke in the glass, and then Marcus asked Blake and I to go the church and get some iee and I remember saying "we don't need any, there is ice, I just looked"....Blake tells after the fact that he thought it was about to go downhill from there but Marcus { my brother-in-law me } played it off well and says "yeah but we probably will need a little more".

   So blake and I head to the church...the place where we met. The gym at our church at a youth volleyball night nearly 3 years ago. { Click here to read about how we met } I didn't think anything of it though because we go to the church a lot. So we get out and walk through the door of the gym and we both  start busting out singing in loud opera voices { like how we always do } little did I know that there were video cameras! I walk in and Blake told me to stand in this spot and that he would be right back. I was just like okkaayy and I am just standing there and standing there and finally here comes Blake walking through the exact same doors that he walked through the first time I laid eyes on him and there I was, standing in the same spot where Blake first laid his eyes on me. He starts walking towards me  and I still have no clue what is going on....Blake always says sweet romantic things to me, so I had no idea that he was about to this is what he goes on to say "I still remember the first night I walked in these doors and I saw you standing right in that spot. You're more beautiful now than you were then! It has been exactly 1000 days since that first night we met right here here in this building. ( I still have no clue what's going on )And every one of those 1000 days I have hoped that the moment would come! I want to spend my life with you, Lauren. You're my girl! I want to raise a family with you. I want to grow old with you. I want to lead you. I want to love you. Lauren Alexis Holden, will you marry me?" At this point I am in shock! Is this really happening I am thinking to myself...Did the man of my dreams propose to me?!
When I heard the camera go off I then realized what was happening and before I know it Blake is on one knee and popped that ring case open, I covered my mouth and was like are you for real? That is what I kept asking...Is this for real? I just kept looking at my ring and squealing and then giving Blake tons of hugs. When I first saw my ring, I couldn't believe it. I was in awe of how beautiful it was. Blake had been saving ever since we had met, at the age of 15, for this one ring that would signify our love for one another as husband and wife, I couldn't believe I actually had THAT ring on MY finger! Giggles just overwhelmed me. Blake even thought to type out exactly what he had said to me so that I would have it forever...He knew that in the middle of all the excitement I may forget exactly what he had said. He also got professional photographers to come take pictures who just so happened to be some of my very close friends! They also got it on video...Blake thought of every little detail to make our night memorable and special. It was PERFECT.

    We drove back to Lydia's house and when I opened up the door the whole family was there yelling "surprise"...They were even face timing my older sister, Elizabeth and her family and my Mawmaw Loni...they both live far away sadly, but I am so thankful for technology that allowed them to be there to celebrate such a special time in my life. Lydia had made the cutest banner that said "she said yes" and had a whole buffet of all of our favorite candy that was yellow and red..."my colors". She even painted a long piece of wood that said "Blake and Lauren" on it. It was SO special. I was showing off my ring right away and everyone was taking dad checked out my ring right away and gave me a sweet hug. My mom giggled and squealed and squeezed me too death! My sister, Lydia couldn't wait to look at my ring and give me a big sister hug! And again it was awesome getting to talk to Elizabeth and Mawmaw on FaceTime and getting to show them my ring...It made everything PERFECT. I believe my first words when I got there was " why did you let me wear this?!! "The moment that I had been dreaming of my whole entire life and I have no make up on, my hair is a mess, and I am wearing sweat pants and a tshirt! I guess you can say that it made it a funny story :) and that was exactly how I was dressed when Blake and I met, soooo....It went with it;) Or at least that is what I have been telling myself.
   The sweetness wasn't over yet though! Blake had another surprise up his sleeve. Long story, short....There was this yellow chair that I wanted so bad a few months back at a thrift store for our future little home....Blake went back to get it for me and it was GONE....Or at least that is what he had told me. He come to school on his break and tells me that it was gone and I was all bummed out, little did I know that before I walked out for my break, Blake had gotten the yellow chair out of his SUV and put it behind this old abandoned truck in the parking lot until my 15 min break was up...He did this twice that day and I had no idea that he had it! I crack up now just picturing that image...poor thing. So Blake comes walking through the living room holding the chair...the very first thing that I had wanted for our future home and he had bought it for me. I was squealing! I couldn't believe it. THEN, he tells me that he was one more surprise for me. He tells me to sit down in my yellow chair and he then put in a dvd in the tv....His face pops up on the screen. Blake had been recording himself for months recording every single significant date that had happened leading up until the engagement. Take this for an example "Today September 22nd I went to pick up your ring" Today October 9th I am going to ask your dad permission to marry you" All of these dates were leading up until the engagement and after every clip he would say "and the thought that continuously goes  through my mind is "I hope she says yes". It was the most meaningful thing that anyone could ever give me. He even made up a song to the tune of a hymn called "engaged to a beautiful gal" It was HILARIOUS, and yes he even danced in the video....It was quite a sight ;) Well the last video was the actual proposal. He had lined it all up to where it was the last video and so now I have everything that was special that was leading up to the engagement and the actual engagement on video! Our kids are going to love being able to watch their daddy purpose to their momma one day....and may be a little embarrassed of all of our cheesiness ;) Blake went above and beyond to make that day one of the most special days of our life.

   So that was OUR proposal. We knew from day one that this day would come and we are beyond excited about growing old together as husband and wife. Thank you for taking the time to read a little portion of our story. We are just two average people that love Jesus Christ and through His unconditional love we are able to love each other with a deep unconditional love. We aren't perfect people but we know that we are perfect for one another. { Look Below for pictures of the proposal }

Will you marry me?

Smiling at my dear friend that was hiding upstairs in the sound room taking our pictures....Thank you Laurie and Joshua for taking all of these lovely photos that I will cherish forever!

I will love you for a thousand years.
Thank you for choosing me.

Is this real?

I can't believe this beautiful ring is mine!

It is the most beautiful ring that I have ever seen!

Momma squealing over the ring.
Daddy checking it all out and snapping a good picture for IG ;)

Look sister...I'm engaged! Thanks uncle Marv for "looking" happy for me ;)

Why in the world did y'all let me wear this?!

Big sis checking it out

Omg. I am still in shock!
Wish you were here. 

Look Rosalyn...Your Aunt Lala is engaged to Blakey-poo!
lemon drops, red hots, sweetest fish, and cupcakes.

Lydia did so good on all the decorations!

Can't wait to put this in our future home <3
Momma made me a necklace as an engagement happy.

and Lydia drew it :)

Big sis got me some kitchen goodies for an engagement happy! 

Thank you sweet sister for everything that you did to make my night so special. 
So thankful for their love and protection throughout the years. Bittersweet. 
My soon to be pretty Mother-in-law

I can't believe I am marrying the man of my dreams!

One more surprise! 

THE yellow chair.
Can't believe he got it for me! 

Blake telling me about the video that he has made for me.

So sweet, adorable, romantic, and funny!

Sweetest thing that anyone has ever done for me.
Thank you for loving me the way you do.

    THE END....for now ;)  

Sunday, November 25, 2012

At first sight

Okay before I post all about the wonderful engagement that has made me the happiest girl in the whole entire world...I must tell you guys where this love story began. 

    Once upon a time there lived a young girl of the age of 16 who had been searching for her prince  charming ever since she was a little girl. She had two older sisters who she had watched them meet their prince, fall in love with their prince, and one sister had even married her prince. She so desperately wanted a prince that everywhere she went  she wondered where he could be. One night in the 9th grade her friends invited her to a high school football game, it was such a cold nasty night sitting on those meridian high bleachers, but what bothered her even more was this really tall guy who had knees that pressed against her back who was sitting directly behind her. Little did she know that nearly two years from then, that tall guy sitting behind her would just so happen be the one that she had been looking for. He even noticed her because of her really long her and the memory of her pulling her hair down for her friends and pulling out exactly 21
(his baseball number)
bobby pins out of her hair. Little did he know that that was his princess that he had been searching for. They left that night going back to their normal lives, having no clue that that night was the beginning of a beautiful love story.  She later came to realize that the Lord had her prince just waiting on His perfect timing to find her. She then gave up her search for her prince and let the Lord lead in her life. She knew that she would not be able to find her prince in her own strength....She had to give this to the Lord. So, she did and can you guess what happened? Cha ching...She found her prince! OR more like, He found her! 
   It was on a cold feburary night.....the 19th to be exact. It was a youth volleyball night at her maw maw's church where her sister's prince charming was the youth minister.  She had been planning on going somewhere else that Friday night, but somehow she ended up there. She had just came from softball practice, no make up, sweat pants, sweat shirt, and hair in a messy bun...she had no idea that her life was about to change. As she was playing volleyball from the corner of her eye she sees this tall, handsome, green eyed guy  with an adorable smile walk through the doors. She lost all concentration of the game and their eyes locked,  mesmerized by each other they couldn't stop staring into each other's eyes. I guess you can say it was love at first sight. Well before she had a chance to catch her breath, her beloved sister,Lydia, ran up to the green eyed guy ( Lydia actually knew him through her prince, Marcus ) and said "you have to date my sister, she's pretty, sweet, and she's godly". She could have died! She was standing only three steps away while her sister told that to the guy that she had already fallen for, but little did she know that that was only the beginning of a beautiful love story. The volleyball night went on as a normal night for everyone else, except the green eyed prince and the princess. She went to sit down for the devotional that was given that night and somehow her green eyed prince sat down beside her. She was so excited but yet so nervous at the same time! She noticed how large his feet were and before she even realized what was coming out of her mouth, she told her prince " wow, you have huge feet'! and those were the first words that she ever said to her prince charming that she had been dying to speak to all night. She wanted to run away, but she stood her ground hoping and PRAYING that he would love her anyway despite her outspokenness, little did she know that that was the beginning of a beautiful love story. The night went on and her green eyed prince would follow her around but never would speak to her. She started to get worried, and even got discouraged thinking how in the world would a guy like him like a girl like me. He was the most popular guy in his grade, star on his baseball team, and such a hunk!  This guy was practically perfect...she was just a girl...she thought to herself, "he could have anyone, why would he want me"? Little did she know that her green eyed prince was thinking the same thing about himself. The night ended but they never stopped thinking about each other. That night was the beginning of their love story. They fell in love at first sight and they knew that somehow, someway they had to be together. 
   The next day, she was getting ready for a lead out (a high school sorority thing), getting all dressed up, she just had a feeling that her prince would be there. She sat down in the red velvet chairs at the theater scanning the whole room hoping that he would appear. The lead out started and the lights went off and all the beautiful girls with the pretty dresses started walking out on stage, but then she heard a sounded like a door open...could it be? Her prince charming?! The exit light on the door brightened up and there walked in her green eyed prince. He didn't see her but she saw him. She couldn't wait for the lead out to end so she could find her prince, but the crowd was unbelievably packed, every step she took there was someone in her way, but then there he was.....handsome as ever. She got this nervous pit in her stomach but she gained the strength to tap his back and say hello, she gazed into his eyes and his eyes gazed back into hers. Fate you may call it? Who knows ;) 

                                              Stay tuned for part 2...